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New Patients Rostered:  2090

Target Size:  4150

* Above "New Patients Rostered"  is the combined number of new patients from each of our CDK Family Doctors accepting new patients.  These patients have signed roster forms and have successfully enrolled with our practice.   The total count includes all patients referred from Health Care Connect, ER/Urgent Care/CDK Walk-In, retired doctors' practices, and through our CDK Rostering Days.  Our target roster size has increased compared to our initial plan in February 2024.

For those in need of a family doctor residing within our Kingston catchment area:

Roster with a CDK Family Physician

In collaboration with the FLA-OHT (Ontario Health Team for Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington), CDK family physicians are accepting over 4000 new patients located in our geographic region.  The FLA-OHT is working hard to establish "Health Homes" situated in geographic territories so that unattached patients will have a family doctor close to where they live.  CDK Health Home is one of Health Homes taking on unattached patients in our geographic region.  The other Health Homes (East End Health Home and Greater Napanee Health Home) will be accepting patients in their respective regions later this year.  The three Health Homes collectively will accept over 10 000 patients this year.


If you currently do not have a family doctor and live in the below geographic region (map below), please complete the pre-registration form (button below) and attend a "CDK Rostering Day" (details below).  For adults who want to enroll their children (< age 16y/o only) or dependents, please also pre-register for each person.   

For those with disabilities or transportation issues, a family member or representative may attend CDK Rostering Day on your behalf as long as they have your valid Ontario Health Card and Government ID.


You only have to pre-register ONCE to attend any CDK Rostering Day.  You will not be rostered if you do not live with the defined geographic boundaries of CDK Health Home below.  Therefore, please do not attend our clinic in that case.  


 If you are already registered with HCC and live within the defined geographic boundaries for CDK, please read below under HCC for more information.  

CDK Health Home map.jpg

**Please note, you must be a permanent resident of Ontario residing within our geographic boundaries in Kingston in order to be rostered with us.  You must have a valid OHIP card (Ontario Health Card) and not be attached to a family doctor currently for the past 3 months.   If you have moved from a different location into the Kingston area, you must de-roster from your previous family doctor for at least 3 months prior to rostering with a new family physician at CDK Family Medicine.  Patients not meeting criteria will not be rostered.  


CDK Rostering Days

CDK Family Medicine would like to thank the FLA-OHT, volunteers, staff and patients for a very successful CDK Rostering Day held today, April 13, 2024. Several hundred patients have been rostered to a new family doctor today.

Next CDK Rostering Date:
June 2024

Location:  CDK Family Medicine 
     Unit 8 - 105 Sutherland Drive 

Please come prepared and use your discretion whether attending a CDK Rostering Day is suitable for you. Please do not come if you do not live within our defined geographic region.


Due to staffing issues and lack of government funding, we have defined clear rostering limits for each CDK Rostering Day based on our time and capacity. 

Since there is no automated way to "batch roster" patients, either by MOH or by Health Care Connect (HCC), "CDK Rostering Days" is an option to quickly connect patients to a doctor and give access to those who prefer the traditional line-up / in-person method. 


We are cognizant that there is no single way of rostering that would satisfy every individual. We will continue to accept patients through multiple channels--in-person, through HCC, and through referrals by doctors. 

We ask that patients have realistic expectations, be respectful of our staff and policies at all times.  This webpage is the official source of information regarding rostering at CDK.  

Please note that l
ine-ups that go indefinitely beyond our specified rostering capacity will adversely impact the businesses around us and cause security risks and safety concerns. Patients must respect the rostering capacity limits at all times and not insist on staying beyond our cut-off.

Thank you.


Health Care Connect

We are working with Health Care Connect (HCC) to roster a large number of unattached patients within our geographic region. If you have been contacted by HCC or our office to become patients of a CDK family doctor, please visit our Sutherland Clinic from 3-5pm Tues-Friday to complete or drop off your roster form.  You do not need to attend a CDK Rostering Day. You should complete the pre-registration questions using the button on this page before coming to our clinic to sign papers.

We encourage all patients who have found a family doctor with us or elsewhere to notify HCC of your status so that they are have the most up to date and accurate list of unattached patients.

Periwinkle Centre

Since there are >30 000 unattached patients in the KFL & A region, understandably, patients may feel discouraged and desperate to find a family physician.  While CDK will aim to take on >10% of these unattached patients, we cannot accept everybody, so patients may feel disappointed or even upset.
  Fortunately, the FLA-OHT (Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Ontario Health Team), in partnership with KCHC, Queen's University, and the clinics within the geographic health homes are working hard to provide primary care access to >10 000 patients in the Kingston and surrounding areas.  Official Information can be found on the FLA-OHT website.  You may feel excited about this news, but please refrain from over-inquiring and putting undue pressures on the leaders and teams trying to actualize this great plan. 

Thank you.


Be Prepared for a CDK Rostering Day

Did you pre-register online before coming?

Ate and drank enough fluids prior to coming?

Have water and a snack with you?

Do you have your valid Ontario Health Card and government ID?

Did you bring a mask?

Pack all medical essentials?

Are you dressed for the weather?

Are you prepared to wait in line for an uncertain amount of time?

For those who absolutely cannot complete the pre-registration questions online for various reasons, you can register basic information when you are on site.

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